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Epa Townetting Ctd Casts Profiles

InPort Dataset ID: 17849

InPort Entity ID: 36244

Water column profiles collected with SBE 19plusV2 SEACAT Profiler equipped with a SBE 43 Oxygen, WET Labs ECO-AFL/FL Flourometer and Turbidity, Biospherical/Licor PAR/Irradiance, and SBE 18 pH sensors. Profiles processed using SBE Data Processing.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fluorescence (Mg/Cubic M)fluorescence_mg_cubic_mfluorescence_mg_cubic_mNumberFluorescence in mg/cubic m.
Density (Kg/Cubic M)density_kg_cubic_mdensity_kg_cubic_mNumberDensity in Kg/cubic m.
Pressure (Psi)pressure_psipressure_psiNumberPressure in psi.
Salinity (PSU)salinity_psusalinity_psuNumberSalinity in PSU.
Descent Rate (M/S)descent_rate_m_sdescent_rate_m_sNumberDescent rate of the CTD in m/s with negative values for downcast and positive values for upcast. Only downcast data are included except where upcast had to be used.
Conductivity (uS/cm)conductivity_us_cmconductivity_us_cmNumberConductivity in uS/cm.
Depth (M)depth_mdepth_mNumberDepth of sample in meters.
Cast Keycast_keycast_keyNumberCast Key to link to Cast Log table.
CastcastcastNumberCast number.
PAR / Irradiancepar_irradiancepar_irradianceNumberPhotosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in uEinsteins/m2sec.
TurbidityturbidityturbidityNumberTurbidity in NTU.
Oxygen (Mg/L)oxygen_mg_loxygen_mg_lNumberOxygen concentration in mg/l.
Temperature (C)temperature_ctemperature_cNumberTemperature in C.
CtdctdctdNumberCtd ID.
Oxygen (% Saturation)oxygen_saturationoxygen_saturationNumberOxygen saturation in %.
Oxygen Raw (V)oxygen_raw_voxygen_raw_vNumberOxygen sensor channel raw voltage in V.
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