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Fe Bongo Data

Fe Bongo Data

InPort Dataset ID: 18603

InPort Entity ID: 37561

Zooplantkon Densities in the Bongo Net from Ocean Salmon Surveys.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Transect Nametransect_nametransect_nameTextThe name of the location where the data were collected.
Vessel Namevessel_namevessel_nameTextThe name of the vessel used to collect the data.
Net Typenet_typenet_typeTextThe type of plankton net utilized.
Station Codestation_codestation_codeTextThe code created to name the date and location when and where the data were collected.
Life History Stagelife_history_stagelife_history_stageTextThe life history stage of fish and invertebrates in the plankton net.
Density Number Per Cubic Meterdensity_number_per_cubic_meterdensity_number_per_cubic_meterNumberThe estimated density of fish and invertebrates in the plankton net.
Genus Speciesgenus_speciesgenus_speciesTextThe Latin name of fishes and invertebrates captured in the trawl.
Longitude Decimal Degrees Westlongitude_decimal_degrees_westlongitude_decimal_degrees_westNumberThe longitude recorded when measurements were collected.
Sample Date Localsample_date_localsample_date_localCalendar dateThe local time data were collected.
Time Localtime_localtime_localCalendar dateThe local time when data collected.
Mesh Size Micrometermesh_size_micrometermesh_size_micrometerNumberThe mesh size of the plankton net.
Net Diameter Mnet_diameter_mnet_diameter_mNumberThe diameter of plankton net.
Latitude Decimal Degrees Northlatitude_decimal_degrees_northlatitude_decimal_degrees_northNumberThe latitude recorded when measurements were collected.
Cruise Numbercruise_numbercruise_numberNumberThe numerical designation of the cruise in sequence of research performed.
Station Depth Metersstation_depth_metersstation_depth_metersNumberThe bottom depth of the station where the data were collected.
YearyearyearTextThe year the data were collected.
Distance Offshore Nautical Milesdist_offshore_nautical_milesdist_offshore_nautical_milesNumberThe distance offshore the data were collected.

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