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Hood Canal Steelhead Parr and Smolt Data

Hood Canal Steelhead Parr and Smolt Data

InPort Dataset ID: 18474

InPort Entity ID: 35543

Table contains data collected from 2006-2015 as part of the Hood Canal Steelhead Project. Data was collected on 8 rivers in the Hood Canal primarily from screw (smolt) traps and summer hook and line sampling for parr. Also included are some adult steelhead sampling data from tribal gill nets. It include length, weight, and age data primarily.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fish IDfish_idfish_idTextIf DNA/scale sample were taken, than this code corresponds to those samples and identifies individual fish. Codes are in the form "River abbreviation-Number". Spring smolt traps and summer parr samples may have duplicate numbers for the same year and river.
Methodcollection_methodcollection_methodTextDescribes method of data and sample collection. Either adult trap, screw trap, hook&line, gill net , electrofishing, or tribal fishery.
WeightweightweightTextWeight of the fish sampled
Final Ageage_of_fishage_of_fishTextAge of fish is determined by scale sample collection, and brought to WDFW fish scale aging laboratory in Olympia, WA.
Smolt Indexsmolt_indexsmolt_indexTextDesignation for fish caught in the smolt trap only. Categorized as a 1,2, or 3 based on appearance and coloration of fish. We will categorize steelhead captured in the trap with the following index. Enter the number (1, 2, or 3) corresponding to the classes below in the column “SMOLT INDEX.” ONLY use smolt index values of 1, 2, or 3. DO NOT use intermediate values (i.e., 1½ or 2½). i. Class 1 – (non-smolt): parr marks distinct, showing no signs of smolting characteristics as described in Class 3. ii. Class 2 – (pre-smolt): parr marks becoming faint, smolting characteristics beginning to appear. iii. Class 3 – (smolt): parr marks absent or clearly assuming smolting characteristics such as, silvery appearance with black banded tail, nose, or dorsal fin; loosening of scales.
Acoustic Sampleacoustic_tagged_fishacoustic_tagged_fishTextWas this fish tagged with acoustic tag?
NotescommentscommentsTextAny comments or notes associated with this fish/ sample?
Date Sampleddate_sampleddate_sampledCalendar dateDate that the fish was sampled including MM/DD/YYYY
Life Historylife_history_designationlife_history_designationTextThis is based on method of collection and size of the fish sampled. If fish was caught using a screw trap, fork length = 130mm are labelled as parr and fish with fork length > 130 are labelled as smolt. All other methods fish are labelled based on appearance/size.
Reachriver_reachriver_reachTextReach of the river where data and sample were collected.
Fork Lengthfork_lengthfork_lengthTextFork length of the fish sampled.
DNA Sampledna_sampledna_sampleTextWas DNA sample taken for this fish? Either yes, no or NA (blank).
Lethal Nonlethallethal_nonlethallethal_nonlethalTextWas the sample taken lethal or nonlethal?
YellowslashyellowslashyellowslashTextDoes the fish have a yellow slash present under their jaw. Used to determine hybrids.
Scale Samplescale_samplescale_sampleTextWas a scale sample taken for this fish? Either yes, no, or NA.
LongJawlongjawlongjawTextDoes the fish have a long jaw that extends past their eye? Used to determine hybrids.
GirthgirthgirthNumberWhat is the girth of the fish? Measured with tape measure around the whole fish just behind their dorsal fin.
YearyearyearNumberYear of data/sample collection.
HybridhybridhybridTextWas this fish identified as a hybrid?
Originfish_originfish_originTextIs this fish natural origin or hatchery origin?
Errordata_errordata_errorTextIs there error associated with this data?
PIT Codepit_tag_codepit_tag_codeTextIs there a PIT tag code associated with this fish data?
RiverriverriverTextName of the river where data collection and sampling took place.

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