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Lingcod Biological Data 20062008

InPort Dataset ID: 20591

InPort Entity ID: 35528

This file contains the biological data for lingcod in the tagging study. Tagging was done in two waves (Summer 2006 and Summer 2008). Data are the x-y position of individual fish within the tracking array (XPOS, YPOS) or latitude and longitude of the fish's position at a specific time. The relocations of fixed pingers are included to allow for the removal the effects of tides, which move the receiver buoys. See Tolimieri, N., K. Andrews, G. Williams, S. Katz, and P. S. Levin. 2009. Home range size and patterns of space use by lingcod, copper rockfish and quillback rockfish in relation to diel and tidal cycles. Marine Ecology Progress Series 380:229-243 and See Andrews, K. S., N. Tolimieri, G. D. Williams, J. F. Samhouri, C. J. Harvey, and P. S. Levin. 2011. Comparison of fine-scale acoustic monitoring systems using home range size of a demersal fish. Marine Biology 158:2377-2387 for more detail.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SexsexsexTextSex of fish, if recorded
SpeciesspeciesspeciesTextSpecies scientific name.
Standard Length Cmstandard_length_cmstandard_length_cmNumberStandard length in cm
Tagging Datedate_taggeddate_taggedCalendar dateDate individual fish was tagged.
Spp Idspp_idspp_idTextCode that identifies individual fish, fixed or moving pingers.
Total Length Cmtotal_length_cmtotal_length_cmNumberTotal length in cm
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