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Lingcod Feed and Swim

Lingcod Feed and Swim

InPort Dataset ID: 18477

InPort Entity ID: 36579

Feeding and swimming data of tagged and non-tagged fish.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Bead Color 1bead_color1bead_color1TextColor of first bead on fish
Consumption Day Hconsumption_dayhconsumption_dayhNumberNumber pellets eaten Day H
Bead Color 2bead_color2bead_color2TextColor of second bead on fish
Consumption Day Iconsumption_dayiconsumption_dayiNumberNumber pellets eaten Day I
Swimming Week 1swimming_week1swimming_week1NumberNumber of times swimming in Week 1
FLOY Tag Color Btag_colorbtag_colorbTextColor of tag on fish
Swimming Week 2swimming_week2swimming_week2NumberNumber of times swimming in Week 2
Consumption Week 2consumption_week2consumption_week2NumberNumber pellets eaten in Week 2
Consumption Day Bconsumption_daybconsumption_daybNumberNumber pellets eaten Day B
Consumption Week 3consumption_week3consumption_week3NumberNumber pellets eaten in Week 3
Consumption Day Aconsumption_dayaconsumption_dayaNumberNumber pellets eaten Day A
Consumption Day Fconsumption_dayfconsumption_dayfNumberNumber pellets eaten Day F
Consumption Day Econsumption_dayeconsumption_dayeNumberNumber pellets eaten Day E
FLOY Tag Number Ctag_numberctag_numbercTextTag ID number of fish
Consumption Day Dconsumption_daydconsumption_daydNumberNumber pellets eaten Day D
Consumption Week 1consumption_week1consumption_week1NumberNumber pellets eaten in Week 1
FLOY Tag Number Atag_numberatag_numberaTextTag ID number of fish
Consumption Day Cconsumption_daycconsumption_daycNumberNumber pellets eaten Day C
Consumption Day Gconsumption_daygconsumption_daygNumberNumber pellets eaten Day G
Swimming Week Aswimming_weekaswimming_weekaNumberPercentage of days swimming in Week 1
Swimming Week Bswimming_weekbswimming_weekbNumberPercentage of days swimming in Week 2
Swimming Week 3swimming_week3swimming_week3NumberNumber of times swimming in Week 3
Swimming Week Cswimming_weekcswimming_weekcNumberPercentage of days swimming in Week 3
Consumption Day Jconsumption_dayjconsumption_dayjNumberNumber pellets eaten Day J

Upstream Metadata