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Live Hauling of Fish Dissolved Oxygen

Live Hauling of Fish Dissolved Oxygen

InPort Dataset ID: 17987

InPort Entity ID: 36976

Dissolved oxygen was measured with a YSI ProODO or a YSI 556 MPS unit and results are expressed in mg/Liter.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Tank 6, Mixtank6_mixtank6_mixNumberDissolved oxygen in Tank 6, pure oxygen+ air aeration.
Tank 2,Mixtank2_mixtank2_mixNumberDissolved oxygen in Tank 2, pure oxygen+ air aeration.
Tank 1, Airtank1_airtank1_airNumberDissolved oxygen in Tank 1, air aeration.
TimetimetimeNumberTime since start of experiment.
Tank 3,O2tank3_o2tank3_o2NumberDissolved oxygen in Tank 3, pure oxygen aeration.
Tank 4, Airtank4_airtank4_airNumberDissolved oxygen in Tank 4, air aeration.
Tank 5,O2tank5_o2tank5_o2NumberDissolved oxygen in Tank 5, pure oxygen aeration.

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