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  • gas transfer
  • heat transfer
  • water quality

Live Hauling of Fish Oxygen Uptake

Live Hauling of Fish Oxygen Uptake

InPort Dataset ID: 17997

InPort Entity ID: 36978

Oxygen uptake of hauling water samples were determined from the change in dissolved oxygen over a 30 minute period using a YSI ProODO dissolved oxygen meter. Oxygen uptake was determined by fitting a linear regression line through the dissolved oxygen compared to time curve and expressed as mg/minute.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TimetimetimeNumberTime since start of experiment.
Tank 1tank_1tank_1NumberOxygen uptake in Tank 1, replicate 1.
Tank 2tank_2tank_2NumberOxygen uptake in Tank 2, replicate 2.

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