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  • effectiveness monitoring
  • floodplain
  • juvenile salmonid
  • restoration
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InPort Dataset ID: 18016

InPort Entity ID: 46802

measurements from side channel thalweg profiles in the Elwha River.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CommentscommentscommentsTextField notes and comments recorded at the sampling station.
profileIDprofileidprofileidTextUnique profile ID.
finesDepthfinesdepthfinesdepthNumberDepth of fines at the sampling station.
BenchmarkbenchmarkbenchmarkTextIndicator for wether the sampling station is a benchmark or not.
wettedWidthwettedwidthwettedwidthNumberWetted width at the sampling station.
BfwbfwbfwNumberBank full width at the sampling station.
maxTailTopmaxtailtopmaxtailtopTextLocations of top, maximum depth or tailout of a pool.
StationstationstationTextID of the points at which measurements were taken.
ElevationelevationelevationNumberElevation change from the last station.
wettedDepthwetteddepthwetteddepthNumberWetted depth at the sampling station.
SubstratesubstratesubstrateTextSubstrate category at the sampling station.
UnitunitunitTextHabitat unit type at the sampling station.
DistancedistancedistanceNumberDistance from the last station.

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