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Male Spawners for Redfish Lake Captive Brood Stock Program

Male Spawners for Redfish Lake Captive Brood Stock Program

InPort Dataset ID: 17946

InPort Entity ID: 35545

Physical information of male spawners used in the Redfish Lake captive brood stock program.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Male Numbermale_numbermale_numberTextSequential number of males as they were killed. Starting with 1 each spawning year.
Implant Dateimplant_dateimplant_dateCalendar dateThe day fish implanted with GNRHa
Implant Doseimplant_doseimplant_doseNumberThe dose of GNRHa implanted in the fish
Brood Yearbrood_yearbrood_yearTextThe year the male was conceived.
Male Lengthmale_lengthmale_lengthNumberThe length of the male to the nearest milimeter.
Male Pit Tagmale_pitmale_pitTextThe PIT code implanted in the male.
MotilitymotilitymotilityTextObserved sperm motility viewed under microscope
Male Weightmale_weightmale_weightNumberThe weight of the male to nearest gram.

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