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Marine Survival and Environmental Indicators

Marine Survival and Environmental Indicators

InPort Dataset ID: 20596

InPort Entity ID: 36447

Summarized environmental data related to salmon survival.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Upwupwelling_indexupwelling_indexNumberUpwelling Index for 48N, 125W. From the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center Environmental Research Division live access server website:
Noinorthern_oscill_indexnorthern_oscill_indexNumberNorthern Oscillation Index. From the NOAA Environmental Research Division website: .
Yearyear_year_NumberThe calendar year.
Sstsea_surface_tempsea_surface_tempNumberSea-surface temperature (oC) recorded from Race Rocks Station (
Seasonseason_codeseason_codeNumberSeason with 1: Jan.-April, 2: May-August, 3: September-December.
Monthmonth_month_NumberThe calendar month.
Pdopacific_decadel_oscill_indexpacific_decadel_oscill_indexNumberPacific Decadal Oscillation. From the University of Washington (Nathan Mantua administrator) website:
Npgonorth_pacific_gyre_oscillnorth_pacific_gyre_oscillNumberNorth Pacific Gyre Oscillation:
Oniocean_nino_indexocean_nino_indexNumberOceanic Nino Index:
Regionregion_nameregion_nameTextSubbasin within the Salish Sea System: South Sound, Whidbey Basin, Hood Canal, Central Basin, South Strait of Georgia, Juan de Fuca, Pacific Coast.
Meimultivar_nino_indexmultivar_nino_indexNumberMultivariate El Niño-Southern Oscillation Index. From the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Earth System Research Laboratory website:
SalinitysalinitysalinityNumberSalinity recorded from Race Rocks Station (

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