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Mesocosms 2 by 2 Salmon Carcass and Wood Experiment

Mesocosms 2 by 2 Salmon Carcass and Wood Experiment

InPort Dataset ID: 17858

InPort Entity ID: 36828

This data contains analytical results from a 2 by 2 factorial experiment where salmon carcasses or small wood were added to stream mesocosms. Experiment conducted over a 45 day period summer 2007. Experimental streams were located along the bank of the Cedar River near Landsbug Dam, WA. Included in this table are data on water chemistry and benthic invertebrates colonizing unglazed ceramic tiles. The experiment was designed to test the effects of adding 0.6 kg/m2 of carcass tissue and small wood on water chemistry and invertebrates. Water chemistry samples were analyzed at the Oceanography lab, University of Washington. Benthic invertebrates were identifed to family or order using a dissecting scope.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Po4-P Ug/Lpo4_ppo4_pNumberDissolved phosphate measured in stream.
StreamstreamstreamNumberThere were a total of 16 experimental streams
Chloroperlidae (N)chloroperlidae_nchloroperlidae_nNumberCount of Chloroperlidae on tile.
Midge Pupae (N)midge_pupae__nmidge_pupae__nNumberCount of Midge pupae ( on tile.
TN (Ug/L)total_nitrogentotal_nitrogenNumberTotal nitrogen measured in the stream.
Baetidae (N)baetidae_nbaetidae_nNumberCount of Baetidae on tile.
Wood Treatmentwood_treatmentwood_treatmentTextY (yes) if wood was added N (no) if not.
TP(ug/L)total_phosphorustotal_phosphorusNumberTotal phosphorus measured in the stream.
Dayday_7_32day_7_32NumberWe sampled water chemistry and benthic invertebrates on day 7 and 32 of the experiment.
Heptageniidae (N)heptageniidae_nheptageniidae_nNumberCount of Heptageniidae on tile.
Chironomidae (Larvae) (N)chironomidae_larvae_nchironomidae_larvae_nNumberCount of Chironomidae on tile.
Atherix (N)atherix_natherix_nNumberCount of Atherix on tile.
Simuliidae (N )simuliidae_nsimuliidae_nNumberCount of Simuliidae on tile.
Glossosoma (N)glossosoma_nglossosoma_nNumberCount of Glossosoma on tile.
NO3-N Ug/Lno3_nno3_nNumberDissolved nitrate-N in each stream.
NO2-N Ug/Lno2_nno2_nNumberDissolved nitrite-N in each stream.
Hydropsychidae (N)hydropsychidae_nhydropsychidae_nNumberCount of Hydropsychidae on tile.
SiO4 -Si Ug/Lsio4_sisio4_siNumberSilicate measured in each stream.
Perlodidae (N)perlodidae_nperlodidae_nNumberCount of Perlodidae on tile.
Nutrient Treatmentnutrient_treatmentnutrient_treatmentTextY (yes) if carcasses were added N (no) if not.
Blackfly Pupae (N)blackfly_pupae_nblackfly_pupae_nNumberCount of Blackfly pupae on tile.
NH4-N Ug/Lno4_nno4_nNumberDissolved ammonium-N in each stream.
Snails (N)snails_nsnails_nNumberCount of snails on tile.
Datesample_datesample_dateCalendar dateDate water sample was collected
Tabaniidae (N)tabaniidae_ntabaniidae_nNumberCount of Tabaniidae on tile.
Coeloptera (N)coeloptera_ncoeloptera_nNumberCount of Coeloptera on tile.
Rhycophilidae(n)rhycophilidae_nrhycophilidae_nNumberCount of Heptageniidae on tile.
BlockblockblockTextThere were two blocks of 8 streams. Blocking can be used in statistical analysis to account for variation explained by location.
Ephemerellidae (N)ephemerellidae_nephemerellidae_nNumberCount of Ephemereliidae on tile.
Ameletus (N)ameletus_nameletus_nNumberCount of Ameletus on tile.
Nemouridaenemouridae_nnemouridae_nNumberCount of Nemouridae on tile.

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