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Ocean Juvenile Salmon Metrics

InPort Dataset ID: 18495

InPort Entity ID: 37571

Metrics for Salmon Collected in Ocean Salmon Surveys.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Method Savedmethod_savedmethod_savedTextThe description of how fishes and invertebrates were retained.
Lab Fork Length Millimeterslab_fork_length_millimeterslab_fork_length_millimetersNumberThe fork length recorded in the lab.
Genetic Stock Second Best Estimategenetic_stock_2nd_best_estgenetic_stock_2nd_best_estTextThe second best estimate at genetic stock.
Coded Wire Tag Numbercoded_wire_tag_numbercoded_wire_tag_numberTextThe number assigned to a coded wire tag.
Yearyear_year_NumberThe year the data were collected.
Parentage Based Tag Hatchery Assignmentpct_based_tag_hatchery_asgnpct_based_tag_hatchery_asgnTextThe genetically assigned hatchery using parentage based tags.
Cruise Numbercruise_numbercruise_numberNumberThe numerical designation of the cruise in sequence of research performed.
Genetic Stock Second Best Estimate Probabilitygenetic_stock_2nd_bst_est_probgenetic_stock_2nd_bst_est_probNumberThe probability of correct assignment with second best estimate of genetic stock.
Transect Nametransect_nametransect_nameTextThe name of the location where the data were collected.
Sample Date Localsample_date_localsample_date_localCalendar dateThe local time data were collected.
Start Time Localstart_time_localstart_time_localCalendar dateThe local time trawl started collecting data.
Station Codestation_codestation_codeTextThe code created to name the date and location when and where the data were collected.
Station Depth Metersstation_depth_metersstation_depth_metersNumberThe bottom depth of the station where the data were collected.
Distance Offshore Nautical Milesdist_offshore_nautical_milesdist_offshore_nautical_milesNumberThe distance offshore the data were collected.
Common Namecommon_namecommon_nameTextThe common name of fishes and invertebrates captured in the trawl.
Salmon ID Numbersalmon_id_numbersalmon_id_numberTextThe unique identifier of the salmon in sequence of research performed.
Start Longitude Decimal Degrees Weststart_long_decl_deg_weststart_long_decl_deg_westNumberThe longitude recorded at start of trawl sampling.
Start Latitude Decimal Degrees Northstart_lat_decimal_deg_northstart_lat_decimal_deg_northNumberThe latitude recorded at start of trawl sampling.
Tagged Descriptiontagged_descriptiontagged_descriptionTextThe descriptions of codes assigned to salmon as identifying marks such as coded wire tags.
Genus Speciesgenus_speciesgenus_speciesTextThe Latin name of fishes and invertebrates captured in the trawl.
Fork Length Millimeter Freshwater Emmigration Otolithfkln_mm_freshw_emg_otolithfkln_mm_freshw_emg_otolithNumberThe fork length at freshwater emmigration, estimated using otoliths.
Tagged Codetagged_codetagged_codeTextThe list of codes assigned to salmon as identifying marks such as coded wire tags.
Length Descriptionlength_descriptionlength_descriptionTextThe description of the type of the length measurement.
Age ClassByLengthage_classbylengthage_classbylengthTextThe age class of salmon based on their length, which may not be their actual age, but is our best estimate from length.
Genetic Stock Best Estimate Probabilitygenetic_stock_best_est_probgenetic_stock_best_est_probNumberThe probability of correct assignment of genetic stock.
Genetic Stock Best Estimategenetic_stock_best_estimategenetic_stock_best_estimateTextThe best estimate at genetic stock.
Insulin Like Growth Factor One Nanograms Per Milliliterinsulin_like_grwth_fct_1_ng_mlinsulin_like_grwth_fct_1_ng_mlNumberThe measurement of hormone level in salmon from laboratory analysis.
Vessel Namevessel_namevessel_nameTextThe name of the vessel used to collect the data.
Lab Weight Gramslab_weight_gramslab_weight_gramsNumberThe salmon weight recorded in the lab.
PIT Codepit_codepit_codeTextPIT Tag for individual fish.
Parentage Based Tag Probabilitypct_based_tag_probpct_based_tag_probNumberThe probability of correct assignment of hatchery using parentage based tags.
Countcount_count_NumberThe count of each fish or invertebrate.
Field Length Millimetersfield_length_millimetersfield_length_millimetersNumberThe field length recorded.
Type of Lengthtype_of_lengthtype_of_lengthTextThe type of the length measurement recorded.
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