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Oyster Bed Water Nitrogen 2011

Oyster Bed Water Nitrogen 2011

InPort Dataset ID: 18605

InPort Entity ID: 36831

These data consist of nitrogen (nitrate-N, nitrite-N, and ammonium-N) concentrations (in microgram/liter) in three rivers and associated estuaries collected in 2011 and 2012 as part of project to examine the sources of nutrients and energy supporting commercial oyster beds. Oyster beds were located in the estuary near by the associated river mouth. These rivers including the Dosewallips, Hamma Hamma, and Samish. Details on study sites and objectives can be found in Conway-Cranos, L., P. Kiffney, N. Banas, J. Burke, M. Plummer, S. Naman*, R. Paranjpye , M. Strom, P. MacCready, J. Bucci, and M. Ruckelshaus. 2015. Estuarine organic matter sources subsidize shellfish beds in Puget Sound, WA, USA. Marine Ecology Progress Series 533: 15-28.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date Collecteddate_collecteddate_collectedCalendar dateDate when each sample was collected.
Sitesite_sample_collectedsite_sample_collectedTextHabitat types where samples were collected including within oyster bed (oyster bed), river (from within the freshwater zone of each river), offshore (marine sample collected away from influence of each river estuaries)
NH4 (Ug/L)dissolved_ammonium_ndissolved_ammonium_nNumberConcentration of dissolved ammonium-N in each sample
Watershedwatershed_samples_collectedwatershed_samples_collectedTextThe watershed were samples were collected. "Admiralty" refers to samples collected off-shore out of the zone of influence of each watershed and assumed to represent purely a marine source.
NO2- (Ug/L)dissolved_nitrite_ndissolved_nitrite_nNumberConcentration of dissolved nitrite-N in each sample
NO3- (Ug/L)dissolved_nitrate_ndissolved_nitrate_nNumberConcentration of dissolved nitrate-N in each sample
Locationdetail_site_locationdetail_site_locationTextAdditional detail on location of where samples where collected (e.g. Hwy 101 bridge indicates sample was collected close to bridge).

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