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Physical and Biological Effects of Fishfriendly Tide Gates Site Details Data Logger Sensor Data

Physical and Biological Effects of Fishfriendly Tide Gates Site Details Data Logger Sensor Data

InPort Dataset ID: 18067

InPort Entity ID: 36220

Continuous sensor data from three two-week observation periods at each site, including water level, salinity, and temperature at one-minute intervals above and below each culvert and vault, and at each reference channel.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Tilt (Degree)tilt_degreetilt_degreeNumberAngle readings from tilt sensors used to determine when gate doors opened and closed. Values do not necessarily coorespond with actual angles of the door positions.
DcedcedceNumberId number of data collection event, with each site having been sampled three intervals during 2011.
IdididNumberRecord ID.
SitesitesiteTextSite name (see Site Details table for more information on each site).
TidetidetideTextClassification of tidal stage as ebbing or flooding.
Inside Depth (M)inside_depth_minside_depth_mNumberWater depth inside the structure.
TimetimetimeCalendar dateTime of observation.
Tide Mtide_mtide_mNumberTide height in meters - not corrected for local lags between tide gage and site.
Salinity Downstream (Ppt)salinity_downstream_pptsalinity_downstream_pptNumberWater salinity downstream of the structure.
TideGagetidegagetidegageTextName of closest tide gage station.
Salinity Upstream (Ppt)salinity_upstream_pptsalinity_upstream_pptNumberWater salinity upstream of the structure.
Temperature Downstream (C)temperature_downstream_ctemperature_downstream_cNumberWater temperature downstream of the structure.
GategategateTextClassification of the gate door position based on the tilt data.
Temperature Upstream (C)temperature_upstream_ctemperature_upstream_cNumberWater temperature upstream of the structure.
Downstream Water Elevation (NAVD88 Meters)downstream_water_elevation_navdownstream_water_elevation_navNumberMeasured elevation of water immediately downstrem of the structure in NAVD88.
Downstream Water Elevation and Perch Elevation Difference (M)downstream_water_elevation_anddownstream_water_elevation_andNumberDownstream water elevation relative to the elevation of the downstream interior floor of the structure (perch elevation), with negative values indicating that the structure is perched and a water fall has formed at the structure mouth.
Upstream Water Elevation (NAVD88 Meters)upstream_water_elevation_navd8upstream_water_elevation_navd8NumberMeasured elevation of water immediately upstream of the structure in NAVD88.
Datedate_date_Calendar dateDate of observation.