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Snohomish River Invertebrates

Snohomish River Invertebrates

InPort Dataset ID: 17851

InPort Entity ID: 36583

Data from insect fallout traps and benthic cores in the Snohomish River estuary.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PhylumphylumphylumTextThe Phylum of the sample.
TaxaCommentstaxacommentstaxacommentsTextTaxa comments of the sample.
Genus Speciesgenus_speciesgenus_speciesTextThe Genus species of the sample.
Sitesite_namesite_nameTextSite Name
UWIDnosample_numbersample_numberTextSample ID
FamilyfamilyfamilyTextThe Family of the sample.
Density Count M2density_count_per_m2density_count_per_m2NumberDensity by surface area
ClassclassclassTextThe Class of the sample.
SampTypesample_typesample_typeTextType of sample colleciton; (1) insect fallout traps or (2) macrobenthic samples from coring
TaxaCountcountcountNumberCount of the taxa and life stage in the sample
Taxataxa_nametaxa_nameTextLowest taxanomic group
KingdomkingdomkingdomTextThe Kingdom of the sample
Repreplicate_numberreplicate_numberNumberReplicate ID
Datedate_of_collectiondate_of_collectionCalendar dateDate sample was collected
TaxaLifestagelife_stagelife_stageTextLife stage in sample
Orderorder_order_TextThe Order of the sample.

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