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Sockeye Radiotelemetry Sites in the Columbia and Snake River Basins

Sockeye Radiotelemetry Sites in the Columbia and Snake River Basins

InPort Dataset ID: 18582

InPort Entity ID: 36790

This table contains information about radiotelemetry site installations for tracking radiotagged sockeye salmon in the Columbia and Snake River basins.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SitesitesiteTextAlpha-numeric site idenifier for internal reference to the site installations and for data differentiation purposes.
Site Idsite_idsite_idNumberUnique identifier for each site installation, generated for data connection purposes only.
LatlatitudelatitudeNumberGeographic latitude indication of receiver installation.
Rkmriver_kmriver_kmNumberRiver kilometer location of receiver installation.
TypetypetypeTextDefines type of site as REC (=receiver site for detecting tagged fish) or REL (=release site giving information about where fish are released).
RiverriverriverTextName of river on which site is located.
AntenantenantenNumberAntenna number on which a radiotelemetry detection was made. Sites may have only one associated antenna or many.
DescrdescriptiondescriptionTextVommon name or description of receiver or release location.
LonglongitudelongitudeNumberGeographic longitude indication of receiver installation.
Study Yearstudy_yearstudy_yearNumberCalendar year in which fish were tagged and tracked for the study.

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