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Spawning Information for Redfish Lake Captive Brood Stock Program

Spawning Information for Redfish Lake Captive Brood Stock Program

InPort Dataset ID: 17946

InPort Entity ID: 35544

This data tracks female to male artificial propagation and egg survivile rates.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Pit Tagpit_tagpit_tagTextThe PIT code implanted in the female.
Percent Viabilityviability_percviability_percNumberPercent of eggs surviving to the eyed stage.
Female Weightfemale_wtfemale_wtNumberThe weight of the female to nearest gram.
Number Eyed Eggsn_eyed_eggsn_eyed_eggsNumberNumber of eggs alive at the eyed stage.
Spawn Datespawn_datespawn_dateCalendar dateThe data the fish was spawned.
Implant and General Notesimplant_and_general_notesimplant_and_general_notesTextNotes on implants and other observations of female condition.
F#female_seq_numberfemale_seq_numberTextSequential number of females as they are spawned. Starting with 1 each spawning year. The character represents splitting eggs into 2 similar sized lots.
Egg Destinationegg_destinationegg_destinationTextThe hatchery where eggs were shipped to.
Female Lengthfemale_lengthfemale_lengthNumberThe length of the female to the nearest milimeter.
FecundityfecundityfecundityNumberTotal number of green eggs removed from female.
BroodbroodbroodTextThe year the female was conceived.

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