• anthropogenic noise
  • southern resident killer whale
  • vessels

Srkw Acoustic Response Killer Whale Sound Use by Behavior Data4

Srkw Acoustic Response Killer Whale Sound Use by Behavior Data4

InPort Dataset ID: 20600

InPort Entity ID: 35522

This table contains results from data collected in 2007-2009 and presented in Holt et al. 2012, Marine Mammal Science; it only includes intervals in which at least on killer whale call occurred.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
No. Callsnumber_callsnumber_callsNumberthe number of calls
No. Var Callsnumber_var_callsnumber_var_callsNumberthe number of variable calls, according to Ford 1989
Occurrence Callsoccurrence_callsoccurrence_callsNumberoccurrence of calls, 0=absence, 1 = presence
No. Disc Callsnumber_disc_callsnumber_disc_callsNumberthe number of discrete calls, according to Ford 1989
No. Disc Call Typesnumber_disc_call_typesnumber_disc_call_typesNumberthe number of discrete call types, according to Ford 1987
PodIDpodidpodidTextthe SRKW pod that was identified
Calls Per Whale Per Minutecalls_per_whale_per_minutecalls_per_whale_per_minuteNumberthe number of all calls per whale per minute
Datedate_date_Calendar datedate of data collection
Start Timestart_timestart_timeTextstart time of behavioral scan interval
Estimated Group Sizeestimated_group_sizeestimated_group_sizeNumberthe estimated whale groupe size
GpsgpsgpsTextlatitude (north).longitude (west) were acoustic data were collected
Call Types Per Whale Per Minutecall_types_per_whale_per_mincall_types_per_whale_per_minNumberthe numbe of discrete call types per whale per minute
End Timeend_timeend_timeTextend time of behavioral scan interval
Total Boatstotal_boatstotal_boatsNumberthe total number of boats
No. Ab Callsnumber_ab_callsnumber_ab_callsNumberthe number of aberrant calls, according to Ford 1989
No. Non Disc Callsnumber_non_disc_callsnumber_non_disc_callsNumberthe number of non-discrete calls, according to Ford 1989
Behavior Statebehavior_statebehavior_stateTextthe behavior state of the whale group

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