Agricultural Fairs in New York State

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Agricultural Fairs in New York State

Directory of New York State agricultural fairs for the current year, provided by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. The dataset includes the address and county of the fair, the fair’s begin and end dates and the website address for each fair.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Type of Fairtype_of_fairtype_of_fairTextFair can be listed as county or youth. A county fair offers activities tailored for any age and interest. Youth fairs offer activities tailored to youth and 4-H
End Dateend_dateend_dateTextLast day of the fair
CitycitycityTextCity/town associated with street address
CountycountycountyTextCounty where fair is located
ZipzipzipNumberZip code of city/town
Fair Namefair_namefair_nameTextName of county fair
Location 1 (address)location_1_addresslocation_1_addressText
Fair Locationfair_locationfair_locationTextCity/town where fair is physically located
NYS Municipal Boundaries:@computed_region_yamh_8v7k:@computed_region_yamh_8v7kNumber
Location 1 (state)location_1_statelocation_1_stateText
Location 1location_1location_1Point
Web Siteweb_siteweb_siteURLWeb address for the fair - visit for the most up-to-date fair information
StatestatestateTextState where fair is located - New York
Street Addressstreet_addressstreet_addressTextStreet address for the fair
New York Zip Codes:@computed_region_wbg7_3whc:@computed_region_wbg7_3whcNumber
Location 1 (zip)location_1_ziplocation_1_zipText
Start Datestart_datestart_dateTextFirst day of the fair
Location 1 (city)location_1_citylocation_1_cityText

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