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Corporations and Other Entities: All Filings - Constituent

This data contains information solely on merger or consolidation constituents that did not survive the merger or consolidation. Each line contains the Department of State ID number, Filing ID, Date Filed (of the certificate of merger or consolidation), Constituent Indicator, Entity Name, Effective Date of the merger or consolidation and the indicator of the entity type.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Filing Numfilm_numfilm_numTextUnique Filing ID Number assigned to each document filed by the Department of State
Date Fileddate_fileddate_filedCalendar dateThe date the document was filed by Department of State
Mod Cert Codemod_cert_codemod_cert_codeTextThe mod cert code is a partial description of the type of document filed
Const Entity Typeconst_corp_typeconst_corp_typeTextNumeric indicator of entity type
Entity Namecorp_namecorp_nameTextName of the constituent entity
Constituent Flagconstituent_flagconstituent_flagText“C” indicates that the entity was a constituent of a merger or consolidation for which additional information is not in the Database or is not available
Eff Dateeff_dateeff_dateCalendar dateEffective date of document filed
DOS ID Numbercorpid_numcorpid_numNumberUnique ID number for each entity assigned -the Department of State
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