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DASNY (Dormitory Authority of the State of New York) Bonds and Notes: Beginning 1957

DASNY (Dormitory Authority of the State of New York) Bonds and Notes: Beginning 1957

DASNY maintains a cumulative record of all bonds and notes issued by DASNY. This dataset is updated quarterly. The dataset includes details such as: Bond Series name, Dated Date, Maturity Status/Anticipated Maturity Date, Maturity Status/Matured or Defeased Date,Bond Series Par Amount and Bond Series Par Amount Outstanding.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Bond Series Namebond_series_namebond_series_nameTextThe name of the bond series
Maturity Status/Anticipated Maturity Datematurity_status_anticipated_maturity_datematurity_status_anticipated_maturity_dateTextIf bond series has matured, report notes ‘Matured’, if bond series has not yet matured, anticipated maturity date is specified.
Maturity Status/Matured or Defeased Datematurity_status_matured_or_defeased_datematurity_status_matured_or_defeased_dateTextIf bond series is still outstanding, report notes ‘Outstanding’, if bond series has matured or defeased, the date is specified. The term, “defeased” is a provision that voids a bond or loan when the borrower sets aside cash or bonds sufficient enough to service the borrower's debt.
Bond Series Par Amountbond_series_par_amountbond_series_par_amountNumberAmount of the bonds issued for that particular series of bonds.
Bond Series Par Amount Outstandingbond_series_par_amount_outstandingbond_series_par_amount_outstandingNumberAmount outstanding for that particular bond series.
Dated Datedated_datedated_dateCalendar dateThe date when interest starts accruing

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