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Fare Card History for Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA): Beginning 2010

These files show the number of MetroCard swipes made each week by customers entering each station of the New York City Subway, PATH, AirTrain JFK and the Roosevelt Island Tram, broken out to show the relative popularity of the various types of MetroCards. MTA New York City Transit posts the latest data every Saturday by 1 a.m., and the dates listed in the links reference the date the data is posted. The data in the files covers seven-day periods beginning on the Saturday two weeks prior to the posting date and ending on the following Friday.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Path 2 Trippath_2_trippath_2_tripNumberCount for “Path 2 Trip” metrocards
Senior Citizen / Disabledsenior_citizen_disabledsenior_citizen_disabledNumberCount for “Senior Citizen/Disabled” metrocards
7 Day ADA Farecard Access System Unlimited_7_day_ada_farecard_access_system_unlimited_7_day_ada_farecard_access_system_unlimitedNumberCount for “7 Data ADA Farecard Access System Unlimited” metrocards
Transit Check Metrocard Annual Metrocardtransit_check_metrocard_annual_metrocardtransit_check_metrocard_annual_metrocardNumberCount for “Transit Check Metrocard Annual Metrocard” metrocards
Rail Road Unlimited No Traderail_road_unlimited_no_traderail_road_unlimited_no_tradeNumberCount for “Rail Road Unlimited No Trade” metrocards
To Dateto_dateto_dateCalendar dateEnd date from when this data was collected
Remote Station IDremote_station_idremote_station_idTextUnique identifier of the specific station
30 Day ADA Farecard Access System Unlimited_30_day_ada_farecard_access_system_unlimited_30_day_ada_farecard_access_system_unlimitedNumberCount for “30 Data ADA Farecard Access System Unlimited” metrocards
30 Day Unlimited_30_day_unlimited_30_day_unlimitedNumberCount for “30 Day Unlimited” metrocards
1 Day Unlimited_1_day_unlimited_1_day_unlimitedNumberCount for “1 Day Unlimited” metrocards
Mail and Ride Unlimitedmail_and_ride_unlimitedmail_and_ride_unlimitedNumberCount for “Mail and Ride Unlimited” metrocards
Airtran 10 Tripairtrain_10_tripairtrain_10_tripNumberCount for “Airtran 10 Trip” metrocards
Airtran Monthlyairtrain_monthlyairtrain_monthlyNumberCount for “Airtran Monthly” metrocards
From Datefrom_datefrom_dateCalendar dateStart date from when this data was collected
Full Farefull_farefull_fareNumberCount for “Full Fare” metrocards
14 Day Reduced Fare Media Unlimited_14_day_reduced_fare_media_unlimited_14_day_reduced_fare_media_unlimitedNumberCount for “14 Day Reduced Fare Media Unlimited” metrocards
7 Day Express Bus Pass_7_day_express_bus_pass_7_day_express_bus_passNumberCount for “7 Day Express Bus Pass” metrocards
Transit Check Metrocardtransit_check_metrocardtransit_check_metrocardNumberCount for “Transit Check Metrocard” metrocards
Mail and Ride Easy Pay Expressmail_and_ride_easy_pay_expressmail_and_ride_easy_pay_expressNumberCount for “Mail and Ride Easy Pay Express” metrocards
Airtran 30 Dayairtrain_30_dayairtrain_30_dayNumberCount for “Airtran 30 Day” metrocards
StationstationstationTextStation name/location
Joint Rail Road Ticketjoint_rail_road_ticketjoint_rail_road_ticketNumberCount for “Joint Rail Road Ticket” metrocards
7 Day Unlimited_7_day_unlimited_7_day_unlimitedNumberCount for “7 Day Unlimited” metrocards
14 Day Unlimited_14_day_unlimited_14_day_unlimitedNumberCount for “14 Day Unlimited” metrocards
LIB Special Seniorlib_special_seniorlib_special_seniorNumberCount for “LIB Special Senior” metrocards
Airtran Full Fareairtrain_full_fareairtrain_full_fareNumberCount for “Airtran Full Fare” metrocards
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