Hudson River Park Flora - Plantings: Beginning 1997

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Hudson River Park Flora - Plantings: Beginning 1997

A list of plants installed (planted) in Hudson River Park, along with the date and location of the installation. This is part of the ongoing efforts of the Hudson River Park Trust’s (HRPT) Horticulture staff to care for the thousands of plants throughout the five-mile park area.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Flora Descriptionflora_descriptionflora_descriptionTextA description of the flora installed/planted in Hudson River Park. Most often consists of the scientific name of the flora. Includes the count where available.
Flora Typeflora_typeflora_typeTextThe type of flora installed (e.g. tree, shrub, etc.) or other work done.
LocationlocationlocationTextThe portion, by neighborhood, of Hudson River Park in which the Flora was installed. Battery Park City – No longer a part of Hudson River Park. Originally spanned from Battery Place to the northern border of Battery Park. Tribeca – Spans from the northern border of Battery Park to the southern edge of Pier 40. Greenwich Village – Spans from the southern edge of Pier 40 to Gansevoort Street. Meatpacking District – Spans from Gansevoort Street to West 17th Street. Chelsea – Spans from West 17th Street to West 34th Street. Maritime Entertainment District/Clinton – Spans from West 34th Street to West 59th Street.
Installation Dateinstallation_dateinstallation_dateCalendar dateThe date that the flora was installed (or planted) in Hudson River Park.

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