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MCFFA (Medical Care Facilities Financing Agency) Bonds and Notes: 1995 - 2017

MCFFA (Medical Care Facilities Financing Agency) Bonds and Notes: 1995 - 2017

DASNY assumed all bonds and notes outstanding from the Medical Care Facilities Financing Agency (MCFFA) on September 1, 1995. As of March 31, 2017, no remaining MCFFA bonds are outstanding, nor will additional MCFFA bonds be issued. DASNY maintained a cumulative record of this debt. The dataset includes details such as Bond Series Name, Maturity Status/Matured or Defeased Date, Bond Series Par Amount and Bond Series Par Amount Outstanding.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Maturity Status/Matured or Defeased Datematurity_status_matured_or_defeased_datematurity_status_matured_or_defeased_dateTextIf bond series is still outstanding, report notes ‘Outstanding’, if bond series has matured or defeased, the date is specified. The term, “defeased” is a provision that voids a bond or loan when the borrower sets aside cash or bonds sufficient enough to service the borrower's debt.
Bond Series Par Amount Outstandingbond_series_par_amount_outstandingbond_series_par_amount_outstandingNumberAmount outstanding for that particular bond series.
Bond Series Par Amountbond_series_par_amountbond_series_par_amountNumberAmount of the bonds issued for that particular series of bonds.
Bond Series Namebond_series_namebond_series_nameTextThe name of the bond series.

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