Outdoor Wood Boilers Certified For Sale In NYS

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Outdoor Wood Boilers Certified For Sale In NYS

Outdoor wood boilers, by model and manufacturer, certified and approved for sale in New York.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
FuelfuelfuelTextType of wood fuel used by model
Minimum Setbackminimum_setback_feetminimum_setback_feetNumberMinimum distance, in feet, that an outdoor wood boiler, by model, must be from the closest dwelling
ClassificationclassificationclassificationTextCategorizes outdoor wood boilers for commercial or residential use
Certified Emission Ratecertified_emission_rate_lb_mmbtu_heat_outputcertified_emission_rate_lb_mmbtu_heat_outputNumberEmission rate, in lb/mmBtu, allowed by model per NYSDEC Part 247
ManufacturermanufacturermanufacturerTextOutdoor wood boiler manufacturer name
ModelmodelmodelTextOutdoor Wood Boiler model name

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