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Dataset Freshness Report for

Dataset Freshness Report for


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Days Since Most Recent Data Changedays_since_last_data_updatedays_since_last_data_updateNumberDays since the most recent changes to data. Does not track changes to metadata.
Data Provided Bydata_provided_bydata_provided_byTextShows the state agency or organization responsible for providing the source data.
Dataset Namedataset_namedataset_nameTextName of the dataset
Missing Metadata Fieldsmissing_metadata_fieldsmissing_metadata_fieldsTextMissing metadata fields. Not applicable to GIS Datasets
Update Frequencyupdate_frequencyupdate_frequencyTextKnown frequency of dataset update
Agency Performing Data Updatesstate_agency_performing_data_updatesstate_agency_performing_data_updatesTextName of the entity performing data updates
Unique Identifierunique_identifierunique_identifierTextUnique identifier for the dataset
Updated Recently Enough?updated_recently_enoughupdated_recently_enoughTextEvaluation of freshness. Has the data been updated recently enough
Date of Most Recent Data Changedate_of_most_recent_data_changedate_of_most_recent_data_changeCalendar dateDate of the most recent change to the data
Date of Most Recent Change (Data Change or Metadata Change)date_of_most_recent_view_change_data_or_metadatadate_of_most_recent_view_change_data_or_metadataCalendar date
Source URLsource_urlsource_urlTextURL to the source of the data
Column Namesupdate_statusupdate_statusTextNames of columns in the dataset
OwnerownerownerTextDataset owner
Number of Rowsnumber_of_rowsnumber_of_rowsNumberKnown number of rows in the dataset
CategorycategorycategoryTextData category
PortalportalportalTextSource data portal
Tags / Keywordstags_keywordstags_keywordsTextTags and Keywords associated with the dataset
LinklinklinkURLDataset web link

Upstream Metadata