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E-Government Service Portfolio - OSCIO

Services provided by the Office of the State CIO, E-Government Program for state of Oregon departments, boards, commissions, offices and branches of government.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
RedesignedredesignedredesignedCalendar dateWebsite Redesign
DeployeddeployeddeployedCalendar dateData Service Deployed or Transitioned
Service Nameservice_nameservice_nameTextWorking name of the service deployed
AgencyagencyagencyTextAgency, Board, Commission or Branch of Government that received the service
Service Typeservice_typeservice_typeTextCustom Application, E-Commerce, Website,
Agency IDagency_idagency_idTextAgency, Board, Commission or Branch of Government ID number
Link to WebsiteurlurlURLLink to the content
Retired?retired_ynretired_ynCheckboxThis service was provided but is now retired
Transitioned?transitionedtransitionedCheckboxService was transitioned from prior provider
Funding Typefunding_typefunding_typeTextValid options are: Portal Funded, Portal Fee, Subscription Service Fee, Time and Materials, Portal Provider Fee
Retired Dateretired_dateretired_dateCalendar date