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Completed Lean Training Employee August 2016 - Current Monthly Business Area Office of Performance Through Excellence

This dataset contains summary information on completion of LEAN classroom and virtual courses by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employees in support of the Governor’s initiative: “Government that works.”

Lean is a systematic approach to reduce or eliminate activities that don't add value to the process. This approach is based on a set of principles which focuses on customer and encourages a workplace culture of employee engagement and respect for those who do the work. It’s about developing a mindset of continuous improvement and leveraging the knowledge of front-line staff, our subject matter experts, to identify incremental improvements that add up over time.

Governor Wolf is seeking to streamline state services to make them easier, better, and faster to the benefit of the citizens of PA through adopting a Lean culture in PA agencies. The goal is to increase efficiency, remove waste, and to rethink how we do business to improve state services and better meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

While Lean found its roots in a manufacturing environment, specifically through the Toyota Production System (TPS), the concepts and tools and have been successfully applied across all industries. Having previously implemented Lean in his private business, Governor Wolf is currently working with commonwealth agencies to embrace Lean at an enterprise level and ensure front line employees have a voice to challenge the old way of doing business.”


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Course Groupcourse_groupcourse_groupTextName of folder the course is contained within
Booked Onbooked_onbooked_onCalendar dateWhen was the employee booked into the training
Name of Coursename_of_coursename_of_courseTextCourse name of the training being received by the employee. Providing additional clarity on the type of the course.
End Dateend_dateend_dateCalendar dateWhen did the training end
Course Nocourse_nocourse_noTextNumeric value of course in SAP LSO
Actual Training Hrsactual_training_hrsactual_training_hrsNumberTraining hours imparted by the session
StatusstatusstatusTextEmployees Employment status either active or inactive. Inactive employees are not longer with the Commonwealth. They have taken the class in the past and have since separated, however they are still listed as having taken the course.
Numerical IdentifierbabaNumberNumerical value of the Commonwealth Business area in the financial resource system. System generated to help with querying the data.
Start Datestart_datestart_dateCalendar dateWhen did the training start
Delivery Methoddelivery_methoddelivery_methodTextHow was the training delivered to the employee? Classroom and virtual session’s content are very similar for the Lean Awareness course, with minor differences in activities. Classroom sessions are taken in person and virtual sessions are taken via webinar in a skype environment.
Course Typecourse_typecourse_typeTextGroupings of the different courses. The names of the courses could provide more details in the name. Therefore, several different named courses could all fall into the same grouping. Course type is the overall listing that is used to categorize the name the training in the Learning Solution Online system that houses the Commonwealth's training data.
Supervisor Indicatorspvr_indicatorspvr_indicatorCheckboxIndicates whether the employee is a supervisor or not
Business Areabusiness_areabusiness_areaTextName of the Business Area where the employee is assigned
  • completed_lean_training_employee_august_2016
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