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COVID-19 Cases by Zip Code Current Health

Aggregate cases (confirmed and probable) of COVID-19. Counts represent the number of unique people, not the number of tests. <br>

For cases, the ZIP code represents the best residential address received around the time they were first identified as a case. Persons with no known residential address are not included. <br>

<B>Only valid PA ZIP codes are included. </B> <br>

Aggregate counts of 1 through 4 for each zip code are suppressed to help protect confidentiality and are displayed as null/blank.

Prior Dataset was titled - COVID-19 Cases and Persons Testing Negative by PCR by Zip Code Current Health. We are not reporting Negative testing anymore.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Post CodepostcodepostcodeText5 digit ZIP code. Only valid PA ZIP codes are included.
ConfirmedpositivepositiveNumberNumber of persons with a positive COVID-19 nucleic acid test result (e.g. PCR) reported to PA-NEDSS. Persons testing positive for COVID-19 by PCR are considered confirmed per the CSTE case definition.
Pennsylvania County Boundaries:@computed_region_nmsq_hqvv:@computed_region_nmsq_hqvvNumberThis column was automatically created in order to record in what polygon from the dataset 'Pennsylvania County Boundaries' (nmsq-hqvv) the point in column 'georeferenced_zip_code' is located. This enables the creation of region maps (choropleths) in the visualization canvas and data lens.
ProbableprobableprobableNumberNumber of persons with a positive COVID-19 antigen test or who, per case investigation, had a high-risk exposure and appropriate symptoms, and who did not meet the criteria for a confirmed case. Persons meeting these criteria are considered probable per the CSTE case definition.
Georeferenced Latitude & Longitudegeoreferenced_zip_codegeoreferenced_zip_codePointGeoreferenced Latitude & Longitude for use in creating mapping visualizations based on the zip code.
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