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COVID-19 Unusable Vaccine Current County Health

COVID-19 Unusable Vaccine Current County Health

This dataset contains aggregate data by clinic for COVID-19 doses that are reported to the Pennsylvania Statewide Immunization System (PA-SIIS) as waste or spoilage. <br>

Data includes the name, address and county of the clinics and the quantities of doses reported based on CDC’s standard waste reason codes or spoilage. <br>

Spoilage is defined as nonviable, unopened vials of vaccine. This typically includes vaccine that has expired and vaccine that was not kept stored at the correct temperature (due to conditions such as equipment failure).<br>

Wastage is defined as nonviable doses from opened vials. Standard CDC reasons are as follows: <br>


• Broken Vial or Syringe<br>

• Vaccine drawn (into syringe) but not administered<br>

• Lost or unaccounted for vaccine<br>

• Open vial but not administered<br>

• Other <br>


Data only includes information reported to PA-SIIS, the Pennsylvania Statewide Immunization Information System. Providers participating in the COVID-19 Program that are located in Philadelphia County or who are receiving vaccine inventory directly from CDC are not included in this dataset since they do not report inventory information to PA-SIIS.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Clinic_Cityclinic_cityclinic_cityTextCity where the clinic is located.
CountycountycountyTextCounty where the clinic is located.
SpoilagespoilagespoilageNumberQuantity of vaccine doses wasted where the full vial was never opened and is not unviable.
Clinic_Stateclinic_stateclinic_stateTextState where the clinic is located
Broken_Vial_Syringebroken_vial_syringebroken_vial_syringeNumberQuantity of vaccine doses wasted that is due to a broken vial and/or syringe.
Clinic_Street_Addressclinic_street_addressclinic_street_addressTextPhysical street address of the clinic.
Clinic_Zipclinic_zipclinic_zipTextZip code where the clinic is located.
Vaccine_Drawn_But_Not_Administervaccine_drawn_but_notvaccine_drawn_but_notNumberQuantity of vaccine doses wasted that that was drawn into a vial but not administered to a patient.
Georeferenced Latitude & Longitudegeoreferenced_latitude_longitudegeoreferenced_latitude_longitudePointGeoreferenced column for use in creating mapping visualizations with both latitude and longitude based on the Clinic address.
Open_Vial_But_Not_Administeredopen_vial_but_not_administeredopen_vial_but_not_administeredNumberQuantity of vaccine doses wasted where vial was opened but the doses were not administered before the doses became unviable.
Pennsylvania County Boundaries:@computed_region_nmsq_hqvv:@computed_region_nmsq_hqvvNumberThis column was automatically created in order to record in what polygon from the dataset 'Pennsylvania County Boundaries' (nmsq-hqvv) the point in column 'georeferenced_latitude_longitude' is located. This enables the creation of region maps (choropleths) in the visualization canvas and data lens.
Lost_Or_Unaccounted_For_Vaccinelost_or_unaccounted_forlost_or_unaccounted_forNumberQuantity of vaccine doses reported as wasted due to loss of the vaccine or inability of the clinic to account for the vaccine.
OtherotherotherNumberQuantity of vaccine doses wasted for reasons other than those listed above.
Clinic_Nameclinic_nameclinic_nameTextPhysical street addess of the clinic.

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