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Housing Costs As Percent Of Income, 2012

Housing costs as percent of income from ACS, American Community Survey, 2012, 3 year estimate, 2010-2012, DP04. This data includes rental units and units with a mortgage. This data excludes units that do not have a mortgage.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
25.0 - 29.9% as percent of household income_25_0_29_9_as_percent_of_household_income_25_0_29_9_as_percent_of_household_incomeNumber
less than 20% as percent of household incomeless_than_20_as_percent_of_household_incomeless_than_20_as_percent_of_household_incomeNumber
rental units and units with a mortgagerental_units_and_units_with_a_mortgagerental_units_and_units_with_a_mortgageNumber
30.0 % or more as percent of household income_30_0_or_more_as_percent_of_household_income_30_0_or_more_as_percent_of_household_incomeNumber
20.0- 24.9% as percent of household income_20_0_24_9_as_percent_of_household_income_20_0_24_9_as_percent_of_household_incomeNumber
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