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OD0001 Pesticide Analysis for Stream Water

OD0001 Pesticide Analysis for Stream Water

This data set provides pesticide sample analyses results for stream water samples for the province’s Pesticide Monitoring Program.

The sampling includes a total of 9 rivers across PEI, with at least 3 of the rivers being sampled each year.

Stream water samples are collected at least once per year during wet weather sampling conditions.

Department staff collects the samples, which are then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Results with a " < " represent values below the lab's reporting or quantification limit.

Such results do not confirm the presence nor the absence of a pesticide compound below that level.

Water Quality Guideline or Benchmark Values:

When available, Health Canada Guidance Values were used,

otherwise CCME Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life were used, and otherwise USEPA Aquatic Life Benchmark values were.

  1. The Canadian Long term freshwater Water Quality Guideline for the Protection of Aquatic Life

Website link is here:

  1. USEPA Aquatic Life Benchmark (lowest value on table was chosen).

Website link is here:

3. Health Canada Guidance Value

NOTE: the guideline/benchmark values have been converted from the published units to ng/ml by the author in order to compare the values to the detected results.

These samples are collected in the same rivers as the Finfish/Shellfish and the Stream Sediment Pesticide datasets.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date as Textdate_as_textdate_as_textText
Guideline Sourceguideline_sourceguideline_sourceText
Guideline Unitguideline_unitguideline_unitText
Result Unitresult_unitresult_unitText
Sampling Conditionssampling_conditionssampling_conditionsText
Date Sampleddate_sampleddate_sampledCalendar date
Result Less Than or Equal Toresult_less_than_or_equal_toresult_less_than_or_equal_toNumber
Guideline Valueguideline_valueguideline_valueNumber

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