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OD0002 Pesticide Analysis for Finfish and Shellfish

OD0002 Pesticide Analysis for Finfish and Shellfish

This data set provides pesticide sample analyses results for finfish (brook and rainbow trout) and shellfish (mussels and soft shell clams) for the province’s Pesticide Monitoring Program. The sampling includes a total of nine rivers that are tested across PEI, with three of the rivers being sampled each year.

Finfish are collected from the river by electrofishing or rod and reel. Shellfish are collected from the same river systems manually, as close to the finfish sampling as possible. The purpose of the sampling is to determine if pesticide residues accumulate in the fish/shellfish.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Result Unitresult_unitresult_unitText
Finfish/Shellfish sampledfinfish_shellfish_sampledfinfish_shellfish_sampledText
Date as Textdate_as_textdate_as_textText
Result Less Than or Equal Toresult_less_than_or_equal_toresult_less_than_or_equal_toNumber
Date Sampleddate_sampleddate_sampledCalendar date

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