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OD0022 Annual Forest Fires from 1990

Prince Edward Island participates in the National Forestry Database by contributing yearly summary data, including: forest inventory, wood supply, forest fires, forest insects, forest products, silviculture, revenues and pest control product use. The National Forestry Database is Canada's Compendium of Forestry Statistics, serving as our national source of credible, accurate, and reliable forestry statistics.

The principal role of the National Forestry Database is to collect and compile national forest data and forest management statistics. The National Forest Database serves as Canada’s credible, accurate, and reliable source of national information on forest management and its impact on the forest resource.

Mandated through the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers, a partnership composed of fourteen federal, provincial and territorial ministers, the Canadian Forest Service at Natural Resources Canada developed and maintains the database and has responsibility for disseminating national forestry statistics. With the guiding support of members, the Canadian Forest Service collects data from provincial or territorial resource management organizations. Federal land data are provided by the responsible federal departments and compiled by the CFS.

The entire dataset can be found at: (link is external)

The sample dataset found here provides annual information on number of forest fires occurring on Prince Edward Island.


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Number of Forest Firesnumber_of_forest_firesnumber_of_forest_firesNumber
  • od0022_annual_forest_fires_from_1990
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