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OD0148 Estuary Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

This dataset includes raw data from 20 Island estuaries from across PEI; mapped locations of monitoring sites; and downloadable raw data. The data includes dissolved oxygen concentration, dissolved oxygen saturation, water temperature and instrument depth. Data is usually collected between May and October of each year. 18 estuaries are monitored on a 3 year rotating cycle with at least 6 of these 18 monitored in any given year. Another 2 estuaries are monitored every year. 2 locations are monitored in each estuary; the Upper Estuary location represents the upper 10% boundary of the estuary’s surface area, is closest to the freshwater inputs and should display signs of eutrophication if they are present; the Mid Estuary location represents the mid-point or 50% boundary of the surface area of the estuary. The Mid Estuary site may have two loggers, one placed about 0.5 m the bottom substrate and one placed about 0.5 m from the surface of the water. Data may be used to determine hourly fluctuations in oxygen, the degree of eutrophication, and the presence and duration of anoxia and hypoxia. Temperature and instrument depth (not the same as water depth at the site) data are also collected and available for use.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LocationlocationlocationTextindicates whether the site was placed at the Upper Estuary or Mid estuary location.
EstuaryestuaryestuaryTextname of estuary monitored
PositionpositionpositionTextindicates whether the logger was placed at the Bottom of the water column (about 0.5 m from the bottom) or at the Surface ( about 0.5 m from the surface of the water).
LatitudelatitudelatitudeTextLogger location information in decimal degrees
LongitudelongitudelongitudeTextLogger location information in decimal degrees
Date and Time (ADT)date_and_time_adtdate_and_time_adtTextindicates date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time ( hh:mm ADT) measurement was taken (month/day/year and hour:minute)
MonthmonthmonthTextindicates month measurement was made as a number (e.g. 6 = June)
DaydaydayTextindicates the day of the month the measurement was made.
TimetimetimeTextindicates the time the measurement was made in Atlantic Daylight Time using the 24 hr. clock (e.g. 11:00 = 11 a.m. ADT, 23:00 – 11 p.m. ADT).
Variable Namevariable_namevariable_nameTextname of parameter with a measurement result • Oxygen, Diss - dissolved oxygen concentration in water (mg/l) • Oxygen Saturation, Diss – dissolved oxygen expressed as a percentage of saturation in water (%) • Temperature – water temperature (deg C) • Sensor Depth – water depth of the dissolved oxygen senor (m) (note this is not the same as the total depth at the site as the sensor was not placed on the bottom substrate)
ValuevaluevalueTextmeasurement related to the parameter and unit columns.
YearyearyearTextindicates year in which measurement was made
UnitunitunitTextunit for each measurement • mg/l - dissolved oxygen concentration in milligrams per litre • % - dissolved oxygen saturation in water; • deg C - water temperature in degrees Celsius • m - sensor depth in water in meters
  • od0148_estuary_dissolved_oxygen_monitoring
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