Any Splitgraph instance can act as a remote, allowing you to share data with other engines in a decentralized fashion. Access control works on top of PostgreSQL authentication, so any PostgreSQL authentication method, including PAM, LDAP or RADIUS, will work with Splitgraph.

The decentralized demo will show you how to run two Splitgraph engines using Docker Compose and share data between them.

Splitgraph also supports pushing data to S3-compatible object storage, allowing you to store Splitgraph data cheaply and still have it available to query on demand.

Auto-generated REST API

Data images that are pushed out to Splitgraph Cloud get an OpenAPI-compatible REST endpoint generated for them, provided by PostgREST. OpenAPI is a standard for REST APIs that allows clients to get structured information about methods supported by the API and supports client code generation for over 30 languages.

Check out a sample REST API for the splitgraph/congress_tweets dataset on Splitgraph Cloud.

Access an ever-growing library of data

Splitgraph Cloud indexes over 40000 data repositories, either hosted by Splitgraph or for which we have written adapters. All of these repositories are ready to be cloned to your Splitgraph engine and queried by any PostgreSQL client, used in Splitfiles or joined with your own datasets to enrich your research.