Seattle Police Disciplinary Appeals

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Seattle Police Disciplinary Appeals

This table shows all disciplinary appeals by Seattle Police officers since 2016. The Seattle City Attorney's Office Employment Section handles all employee appeals of discipline and shares status updates with OPA.

Multiple rows with the same OPA case number indicate more than one officer appealed discipline under that case.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date of disciplinedate_of_disciplinedate_of_disciplineCalendar dateDate of the Final Disciplinary Action Report (DAR)
Appeal outcomeappeal_outcomeappeal_outcomeText
Appeal typeappeal_typeappeal_typeText
Date of appealdate_of_appealdate_of_appealCalendar dateDate the appeal was filed
Date appeal closeddate_appeal_closeddate_appeal_closedCalendar date
Disciplinary decisiondisciplinary_decisiondisciplinary_decisionTextType of discipline imposed
Appeal statusappeal_statusappeal_statusTextOpen or closed
OPA Case #opa_caseopa_caseTextOPA investigation case number resulting in discipline

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