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Campaign Finance Expenditures Explorer App

Campaign Finance Expenditures Explorer App

<strong>A. SUMMARY</strong>

This dataset provides the expenditure source data for the campaign finance explorer app at https://data.sfgov.org/campaign_finance. Learn more about San Francisco campaign finance at https://sfethics.org.

<strong>B. HOW THE DATASET IS CREATED</strong>

Data comes from campaign filings with the San Francisco Ethics Commission, specifically FPPC Form 460 Schedule E filings for committees formed to support or oppose candidates and ballot measures in the November 3, 2020 election.

<strong>C. UPDATE PROCESS</strong>

The data comes from campaign filings due on a semi-annual basis, refer to <a href ="https://www.fppc.ca.gov/learn/campaign-rules/where-and-when-to-file-campaign-statements/when-to-file-campaign-statements-state-local-filing-schedules.html"> the FPPC filing schedule</a>.

<strong>D. HOW TO USE THIS DATASET</strong>

Some committees may have submitted amendments to the SFEC since the last update to this dataset. The next update is scheduled for August 1, 2021. For the most up-to-date numbers, see the <a href="https://sfethics.org/disclosures/campaign-finance-disclosure/campaign-finance-disclosure-data">Ethics Commission website</a>.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
OfficeofficeofficeTextoffice sought
Expenditure Dateexpenditure_dateexpenditure_dateCalendar datedate expenditure was made
Amount of Expenditureamount_of_expenditureamount_of_expenditureNumberAmount of Expenditure
Recipient Namerecipient_namerecipient_nameTextpayment recipient
Election Dateelection_dateelection_dateNumberElection Date
Candidate Namecandidate_namecandidate_nameTextname of the candidate
Filer IDfiler_idfiler_idTextId number for filer (committee)
Expenditure Descriptionexpenditure_descriptionexpenditure_descriptionTextdescription of expenditure
Recipient Cityrecipient_cityrecipient_cityTextrecipient address city
Recipient Staterecipient_staterecipient_stateTextrecipient address state
Recipient Ziprecipient_ziprecipient_zipNumberrecipient address zip code
Expenditure Typeexpenditure_typeexpenditure_typeTextself categorized expenditure type

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