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Covid-19 Pit Stops

Covid-19 Pit Stops

<strong>A. SUMMARY</strong>

This dataset contains the locations of all Pit Stops in San Francisco, including those added during the COVID emergency. The Pit Stop program is managed by San Francisco Public Works and aims to provide clean and safe public toilets, sinks, used needle receptacles and dog waste stations in San Francisco's most impacted neighborhoods. In response to the COVID emergency, additional Pit Stops have been added across the City in order to ensure everyone has access to clean and safe toilets and sinks.

Learn more about this Pit Stop Program: https://sfpublicworks.wixsite.com/pitstop

<strong>B. HOW THE DATASET IS CREATED</strong>

This dataset is linked to the Pit Stop Program's map of pit stops and updated daily to match that map.

<strong>C. UPDATE PROCESS</strong>

Automatically updated daily at 7am.

<strong>D. HOW TO USE THIS DATASET</strong>

This dataset can be used with other geospatial layers to look at the distribution of Pit Stops in relation to other resources or points of interest. It's important to note that Pit Stops are not the only public restrooms in the City (there are many managed by the Parks Department, for example), and there are additional hand-washing stations that have been distributed during the COVID emergency that are not shown here. This dataset only includes Pit Stops and should not be used to assess broader access to bathrooms, water, or syringe disposal.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
namenamenameTextName of Pit Stop
SF Find Neighborhoods:@computed_region_6qbp_sg9q:@computed_region_6qbp_sg9qNumber
Current Police Districts:@computed_region_qgnn_b9vv:@computed_region_qgnn_b9vvNumber
Current Supervisor Districts:@computed_region_26cr_cadq:@computed_region_26cr_cadqNumber
Analysis Neighborhoods:@computed_region_ajp5_b2md:@computed_region_ajp5_b2mdNumber
COVID-19 Tenderloin Plan Zones:@computed_region_uckf_xm92:@computed_region_uckf_xm92Number

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