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Dam or Reservoir Failure Hazard Zone

Dam or Reservoir Failure Hazard Zone

This map shows the inundation hazard zones from dam and reservoir failure, based on modelling. The analysis was done by SFPUC in partnership with DEM and includes analysis of potential flooding from the following structures: Stanford heights - Agua Way and Teresita Blvd, Summit - La Avanzada St. and Palo Alto Ave., Sunset North - 28th ave and Ortega, Sunset South - 28th ave and Quintara, Sutro - Clarendon ave and Olympia Way, University Mound North - University St and Bacon St., University Mound South - University St. and Bacon St.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
stlengthstlengthstlengthNumbershape length
reservoirreservoirreservoirTextFlooding area by reservoir
last_editelast_editelast_editeTextLast edited by user
created_uscreated_uscreated_usTextCreated by user
created_dacreated_dacreated_daCalendar datecreated date
st_area_shst_area_shst_area_shNumbershape area
last_edi_1last_edi_1last_edi_1Calendar dateLast edited by date
globalidglobalidglobalidTextglobalid from original analysis (N/A)
range_maxrange_maxrange_maxTextMaximum flooding range (N/A)
range_minrange_minrange_minTextMinimum flooding range (N/A)
the_geomthe_geomthe_geomMultiPolygonLocation Geometry

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