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Filers With Unpaid Late Filing Fees

Filers With Unpaid Late Filing Fees

The filers in this table have not paid one or more late fees. Filers are removed from this list after they pay the fees or four (4) years have elapsed since the Executive Director's final determination of the late fees (i.e., the date the late fees are assessed or the date the Executive Director makes a determination in response to a request for waiver, if any). In addition to being listed in this table, filers whose late fees remain unpaid may be referred to the Bureau of Delinquent Revenues at the Treasurer and Tax Collectors Office.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TREASURERtreasurertreasurerTextName of treasurer (if applicable)
NAMEnamenameTextName of filer
ID #id_numberid_numberTextSystem ID (if applicable)
DELINQUENT FEESamountamountNumberTotal amount of unpaid fees
Agency Nameagency_nameagency_nameTextFiler agency or department (if applicable)
TYPE OF FILINGtype_of_filingtype_of_filingTextFiling for which late fee is assessed

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