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Form 700 comments

Form 700 comments

Comments about Form 700 schedules

Link to Form 700 overview: http://www.fppc.ca.gov/Form700.html

This dataset contains records from the comments sections across all electronic Form 700 filings with the SFEC. To see all the data from a specific filing, you should search all the datasets listed <a href="https://sfethics.org/disclosures/city-officer-disclosure/statement-of-economic-interests-city-officer-disclosure/data-statement-of-economic-interests">on this page</a> and filter by the filingId of the specific filing.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
periodStartperiodstartperiodstartCalendar dateStart period of this filing
departmentNamedepartmentnamedepartmentnameTextDepartment name of the filer
filerIdfileridfileridTextUnique ID of the person filing
idididTextUnique identifier for the record
periodEndperiodendperiodendCalendar dateEnding period of this filing
positionNamepositionnamepositionnameTextFiler's position
filingIdfilingidfilingidNumberUnique ID of the filing
filerNamefilernamefilernameTextName of the filer
filingDatefilingdatefilingdateCalendar dateDate of the filing
transactionTypetransactiontypetransactiontypeTextThe schedule this comment is attached to
commentcommentcommentTextThe comment
officesofficesofficesTextOffices held by the filer

Upstream Metadata