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Landslide Susceptibility Hazard Zones

Landslide Susceptibility Hazard Zones

This map shows the relative likelihood of deep landsliding based on regional estimates of rock strength and steepness of slopes. On the most basic level, weak rocks and steep slopes are more likely to generate landslides. This shows the distribution of one very important component of landslide hazard. It is intended to provide infrastructure owners, emergency planners and the public with a general overview of where landslides are more likely. The map does not include information on landslide triggering events, such as rainstorms or earthquake shaking, nor does it address susceptibility to shallow landslides such as debris flows. This map is not appropriate for evaluation of landslide potential at any specific site.

For visualization:

If gridcode is 8,9,10 than area is High Susceptibility for landslides


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
the_geomthe_geomthe_geomMultiPolygonLocation Geometry
shape_lengshape_lengshape_lengNumberplanar length of the poly
shape_Areashape_areashape_areaNumberPlanar area of the poly
sumshapesumshapesumshapeNumberTotal sum of polygon shape
last_editelast_editelast_editeTextThe date the value for this column was edited
objectidobjectidobjectidNumberUnique internal ID
created_uscreated_uscreated_usTextuser created data
shape_Le_1shape_le_1shape_le_1NumberDuplicate of planar length of the poly
last_edi_1last_edi_1last_edi_1Calendar dateDuplicate of the date the value for this column was edited
created_dacreated_dacreated_daCalendar dateThe date the value for this column was created
gridcodegridcodegridcodeNumberValue used for visualization

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