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List of Streets and Intersections

List of Streets and Intersections

A list of street segments and intersections sorted by street name and ascending address number. This data set is based on the City's GIS basemap and contains CNN id numbers for each record.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
streetnamestreetnamestreetnameTextStreet name
theOrdertheordertheorderNumberA field used to order the list to keep in ascending street name and then address order
RT_TADDrt_taddrt_taddNumberRight side to address number
from_stfrom_stfrom_stTextCross street 1
TO_CNNto_cnnto_cnnNumberto intersection CNN
addrangeaddrangeaddrangeTextaddress range of street segment
locationlocationlocationTextA description of location combining streetname, from_st, to_st, cardinal and addrange
to_stto_stto_stTextCross street 2
RT_FADDrt_faddrt_faddNumberRight side from address number
LF_TADDlf_taddlf_taddNumberLeft side to address number
limitslimitslimitsTextA description of location combining from_st, to_st, cardinal and addrange
LF_FADDlf_faddlf_faddNumberLeft side from address number
FROM_CNNfrom_cnnfrom_cnnNumberfrom intersection CNN
CNNcnncnnNumberCNN of street segment or intersection
cardinalcardinalcardinalTextDirection/Side of street for divided streets

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