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Parcels with overlay attributes

<strong>A. SUMMARY</strong>

This dataset is derived from <a href="https://data.sfgov.org/Geographic-Locations-and-Boundaries/Parcels-Active-and-Retired/acdm-wktn">parcels</a> and several other overlay administrative boundaries (listed below). The dataset was developed by DataSF as a convenience for matching parcels to districts where appropriate. This can be simpler than running a geospatial process every time you want to join parcels to a boundary. The districts provided here run along streets and are non-overlapping so that the parcels will be contained within a single district.

The boundaries included are:

  1. <a href="https://data.sfgov.org/Geographic-Locations-and-Boundaries/Analysis-Neighborhoods/p5b7-5n3h">Analysis Neighborhoods</a>

  2. <a href="https://data.sfgov.org/Geographic-Locations-and-Boundaries/Current-Supervisor-Districts/8nkz-x4ny">Supervisor Districts</a>

  3. <a href="https://data.sfgov.org/Public-Safety/Current-Police-Districts/wkhw-cjsf">Police Districts</a>

  4. <a href="https://data.sfgov.org/Geographic-Locations-and-Boundaries/Planning-Districts/ttns-6zj3">Planning Districts</a>

<strong>B. HOW THE DATASET IS CREATED</strong>

A script runs daily that overlays parcels with each of the boundaries to produce the composite dataset.

<strong>C. UPDATE PROCESS</strong>

Updated daily by a script based on the upstream parcels dataset which is also updated daily.

<strong>D. HOW TO USE THIS DATASET</strong>

You can use this dataset to match to administrative districts provided here to datasets that contain a parcel number. This can be a simpler process than running these joins spatially.

In short, we pre-process the spatial overlays to make joins simpler and more performant.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Parcel Numberparcel_numberparcel_numberTextAn asessor's parcel number, or APN, is a number assigned to parcels of real property by the Office of the Assessor Recorder for purposes of identification and record-keeping. It is sometimes referred to as the blocklot in City data. It is made up of two parts, the Assessor Block Number and the Assessor Lot Number.
BlockblockblockTextThe full assessor's parcel number is comprised of two parts, the first being the block number. Blocks are assigned by the Office of the Assessor Recorder.
LotlotlotTextThe full assessor's parcel number is comprised of two parts, the second being the lot number. Lots are assigned by the Office of the Assessor Recorder and are part of blocks.
Analysis Neighborhoodanalysis_neighborhoodanalysis_neighborhoodText"The Department of Public Health and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, with support from the Planning Department, created 41 neighborhoods by grouping 2010 Census tracts, using common real estate and residents’ definitions for the purpose of providing consistency in the analysis and reporting of socio-economic, demographic, and environmental data, and data on City-funded programs and services. They are not codified in Planning Code nor Administrative Code. This boundary is produced by assigning Census tracts to neighborhoods based on existing neighborhood definitions used by Planning and MOHCD. A qualitative assessment was made to identify the appropriate neighborhood for a given tract based on understanding of population distribution and significant landmarks. Once all tracts have been assigned a neighborhood, the tracts were dissolved to produce these boundaries.
Supervisor Districtsupervisor_districtsupervisor_districtTextThere are 11 members of the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, each representing a geographic district. These are numbered 1 through 11. See the district boundaries here: https://data.sfgov.org/d/xz9b-wyfc
Planning Districtplanning_districtplanning_districtTextThese are grouping of census tracts. Planning Districts are used in various areas of the Planning process, mainly for analysis and management but are also in some parts of the General Plan.
Planning District Numberplanning_district_numberplanning_district_numberNumberThe number corresponding Planning District field
the_geomthe_geomthe_geomPointThe centroid of the parcel as reference. Latitude and longitude in EPSG:4326 and encoded in Well Known Text (WKT) format.
SF Find Neighborhoods:@computed_region_6qbp_sg9q:@computed_region_6qbp_sg9qNumber
Current Police Districts:@computed_region_qgnn_b9vv:@computed_region_qgnn_b9vvNumber
Current Supervisor Districts:@computed_region_26cr_cadq:@computed_region_26cr_cadqNumber
Analysis Neighborhoods:@computed_region_ajp5_b2md:@computed_region_ajp5_b2mdNumber
Upstream Metadata