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San Andreas M7.8 Earthquake Scenario

San Andreas M7.8 Earthquake Scenario

This represents projected ground shaking in the City and County of San Francisco during a M7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault. The map updated in 2013 by USGS and ABAG. The specific scenario is: M7.8 San Andreas (All Northern Sections). This was used for the 2019 HCR update process.

For Visualization:

≤ 5.5 = Light

≤ 6.5 = Moderate

≤ 7.5 = Strong

≤ 8.5 = Very Strong

≤ 9.5 = Violent


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
valuevaluevalueNumberSpecific value in MMI Scale. Use for Visualization.
stlengthstlengthstlengthNumberPolygon length
st_area_shst_area_shst_area_shNumberpolygon area
pgapol_pgapol_pgapol_Numberdesignated in DEM database (N/A)
last_editelast_editelast_editeTextLast edited by user
last_edi_1last_edi_1last_edi_1Calendar datelast edited by date
globalidglobalidglobalidTextUniversal unique identifier
faultfaultfaultTextDescription of fault scenario
sourcesourcesourceTextOriginal data source
grid_codegrid_codegrid_codeNumberGrid code from earthquake scenario raster
perimeterperimeterperimeterNumberdesignated in DEM database (N/A)
dem_dat1_ddem_dat1_ddem_dat1_dNumberDEM database object ID (N/A)
created_dacreated_dacreated_daCalendar datecreated by user date
created_uscreated_uscreated_usTextCreated by user
pgapol_idpgapol_idpgapol_idNumberdesignated in DEM database (N/A)
the_geomthe_geomthe_geomMultiPolygonLocation Geometry

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