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San Francisco Municipal Energy Benchmarking

San Francisco Municipal Energy Benchmarking

<strong>A. SUMMARY</strong>

San Francisco’s Existing Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance requires owners of non-residential buildings over 10,000 square feet to annually benchmark and disclose energy performance. On behalf of City agencies, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) benchmarks and reports energy use for a portfolio of approximately 500 public facilities buildings. The performance of public facilities can be examined in an interactive report at bit.ly/SFMunicipalBenchmarking, and annual reports from 2011-present are available there as well.

This dataset presents the energy performance and basic characteristics for public facilities that is visualized by the SFPUC’s interactive report.

In addition, energy performance data for non-municipal buildings (i.e. commercial buildings of 10,000 square feet or larger, and multifamily & mixed-use buildings of 50,000 square feet or larger) is available at: bit.ly/ExistingBuildingsReport

<strong>B. HOW THE DATASET IS CREATED</strong>

In compliance with California Energy Benchmarking Regulations (CA Public Resources Code Section 25402.10 and CCR Title 20 Section 1680), and San Francisco Existing Buildings Energy Ordinance (Environment Code Chapter 20), the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission provides energy benchmarking services on behalf of municipal facilities. Details for public facilities are compiled from city records, and energy usage is compiled from utility records; related metrics such as energy use intensity are calculated from the combination of such records. Data is subjected to quality assurance validation prior to publication. For additional information regarding data sources and assumptions, please review the "Data Sources and Assumptions" page of the Municipal Facilities Energy Benchmarking dashboard: https://bit.ly/SFMunicipalBenchmarking.

<strong>C. UPDATE PROCESS</strong>

Updated Annually.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Department Namedepartment_namedepartment_nameTextName of the primary department that runs or uses the facility
NotesnotesnotesTextAdditional information and comments
Department Codedepartment_codedepartment_codeTextCode for Department Name
Building Categorybuilding_categorybuilding_categoryTextGeneral use type of facility
Facility Typefacility_typefacility_typeTextDetailed use type of facility
Year Builtyear_builtyear_builtTextYear the building was constructed
2019 Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/sq.ft.)_2019_energy_use_intensity_2019_energy_use_intensityNumberEnergy Use Intensity is the total energy used per the floor area of the building
Building Addressbuilding_addressbuilding_addressTextAddress of the building
SFPUC Codesfpuc_codesfpuc_codeNumberSFPUC Building Identifier
Parcel(s)parcel_sparcel_sTextBlock/lot number
Year Renovatedyear_renovatedyear_renovatedTextYear the building was renovated
Building Floor Area (sq.ft.)building_floor_area_sq_ftbuilding_floor_area_sq_ftNumberGross floor area of the building (square foot)
2019 Carbon Intensity (lbs CO2e/sq.ft.)_2019_carbon_intensity_lbs_2019_carbon_intensity_lbsNumberCarbon Intensity is the total calculated greenhouse gas emissions per the floor area of the building
2019 ENERGY STAR score_2019_energy_star_score_2019_energy_star_scoreNumber2019 EPA ENERGY STAR score for the building, if applicable
FacilityfacilityfacilityTextName of facility

Upstream Metadata