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Utility Excavation Permits

Utility Excavation Permits

Excavation permits issued by SF Public Works whose status is active or approved and not past their end date. This is a subset of Street-Use Permits dataset (https://data.sfgov.org/d/b6tj-gt35/data).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Expiration Dateexpiration_dateexpiration_dateCalendar dateend date of permit
Cross Street 2cross_street_2cross_street_2TextCross street 2
StreetNamestreetnamestreetnameTextStreet name
Cross Street 1cross_street_1cross_street_1TextCross street 1
Permit Reasonpermit_reasonpermit_reasonTexttype of work to be done on utility
Effective Dateeffective_dateeffective_dateCalendar datestart date of permit
StatusstatusstatusTextstatus of permit
Utility Typeutility_typeutility_typeTexttype of utility on which work will be done
cnncnncnnNumberCNN of street segment or intersection
Utility Contractorutility_contractorutility_contractorTextName of company to which permit is issued
permit_numberpermit_numberpermit_numberTextPermit Number

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