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2021-2022 School Nutrition Program Meal Count - TDA F&N Dashboard

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<b>About the Dataset</b><br>

This dataset serves as source data for the Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Meal Served Dashboard. Data is based on the School Nutrition Program (SNP) Meal Reimbursement dataset currently published on the Texas Open Data Portal. The School Nutrition Program meals are reported by program year which runs July 1 through June 30.<p>

In March 2020, USDA began allowing flexibility in nutrition assistance program policies in order to support continued meal access should the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) impact meal service operation. Flexibilities were extended into the 2021-2022 program year and allowed School Nutrition Programs to operate Seamless Summer Option through the 2021-2022 school year. <p>

For more information on the policies implemented for this purpose, please visit our website at <a href=http://www.SquareMeals.org target="_blank">SquareMeals.org</a>. <p>

An overview of <b>all SNP data available</b> on the Texas Open Data Portal can be found at our <b><a href=https://data.texas.gov/stories/s/e2dm-5r4v target="_blank">TDA Data Overview - School Nutrition Programs</a></b> page.<p>

An overview of <b>all TDA Food and Nutrition data available</b> on the Texas Open Data Portal can be found at our <b><a href=https://data.texas.gov/stories/s/TDA-Data-Overview-Food-and-Nutrition-Programs-Open/nk79-w2cs/ target="_blank">TDA Data Overview - Food and Nutrition Open Data</a></b> page. <p>

<b>More information about accessing and working with TDA data on the Texas Open Data Portal</b> can be found on the SquareMeals.org website on the <b><a href=http://squaremeals.org/FandNResources/PublicInformationRequests.aspx target="_blank">TDA Food and Nutrition Open Data</a> </b>page.<p>


<b>About Dataset Updates</b><br>

TDA aims to update this dataset by the 15th of the month until 60 days after the close of the program year.<p>

<b>About the Agency</b><br>

The Texas Department of Agriculture administers 12 U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition programs in Texas including the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs, the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and summer meal programs. TDA’s Food and Nutrition division provides technical assistance and training resources to partners operating the programs and oversees the USDA reimbursements they receive to cover part of the cost associated with serving food in their facilities. By working to ensure these partners serve nutritious meals and snacks, the division adheres to its mission — <i>Feeding the Hungry and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.</i><p>

<b>For more information on these programs, please visit us at <a href=http://www.SquareMeals.org target="_blank">SquareMeals.org</a>.</b><br>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SnackADPsnackadpsnackadpNumberAverage Daily Participation (ADP) for snacks. Calculated as the number of snacks served at the site in claim month divided by the number of snack service days at the site in claim month.
SnackDayssnackdayssnackdaysNumberNumber of days snacks were served at site for claim month.
LunchDayslunchdayslunchdaysNumberNumber of days lunch meals were served at site for claim month
SiteNamesitenamesitenameTextSite name; school name
SiteIDsiteidsiteidTextIdentification number assigned to site under CE sponsorship
ESCescescNumberEducational Service Center (ESC) region
BreakfastTotalbreakfasttotalbreakfasttotalNumberTotal breakfasts served by site for claim month
SiteCountysitecountysitecountyTextCounty in which the site is located
SnackTotalsnacktotalsnacktotalNumberTotal snacks served by site for claim month
CEIDceidceidTextUnique number assigned by TDA to Contracting Entity (CE) to identify organization as program sponsor
ClaimDateclaimdateclaimdateCalendar dateMonth and year being reported for reimbursement of meals served
CESiteIDcesiteidcesiteidTextUnique site identifier. Combination of CEID and SiteID.
TotalMeals_Snackstotalmeals_snackstotalmeals_snacksNumberTotal number of breakfasts, lunches,and snacks served by site for claim month.
LunchADPlunchadplunchadpNumberAverage Daily Participation (ADP) for lunch. Calculated as the number of lunch meals served at the site in claim month divided by the number of lunch service days at the site in claim month.
TDARegiontdaregiontdaregionNumberTexas Department of Agriculture (TDA) service region
ReportTypeprogramprogramTextProgram meals have been reported under.
TypeOfAgencytypeofagencytypeofagencyTextType of agency the Contracting Entity (CE) operates as. Data displayed as: Educational Institution/For Profit Organization/Government Agency/Indian Tribe/Military Installation/Private Non Profit Organization/Other
CENamecenamecenameTextContracting Entity (CE) name; district name
CECountycecountycecountyTextCounty in which the CE is located
CountyDistrictCodecountydistrictcodecountydistrictcodeTextCounty District Code for Contracting Entity (CE)
BreakfastDaysbreakfastdaysbreakfastdaysNumberNumber of days breakfast meals were served at site for claim month
LunchTotallunchtotallunchtotalNumberTotal lunches served by site for claim month
BreakfastADPbreakfastadpbreakfastadpNumberAverage Daily Participation (ADP) for breakfast. Calculated as the number of breakfast meals served at the site in claim month divided by the number of breakfast service days at the site in claim month.
ProgramYearprogramyearprogramyearTextA program year for School Nutrition Programs is defined as July 1 of one year through June 30 of the following year.
TypeOfOrgtypeoforgtypeoforgTextType of organization the Contracting Entity (CE) operates as within a specific nutrition program. Data for School Nutrition Programs and SSO displayed as: Charter/Private/Public/RCCI (Residential Child Care Institution).
COVIDMealSitecovidmealsitecovidmealsiteTextCOVID-19 Meal Site indicator. Indicates noncongregate meal service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is based on presence of "CV" in Site Name. Data displayed as: Yes/No.
Upstream Metadata