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APS 3.4 Investigations: Victims By County FY2012-2021

When interviewing the alleged victim, the APS worker:

• addresses all important factors regarding the allegations and the alleged victim’s overall situation;

• interviews the alleged victim alone in cases involving an alleged perpetrator, but allows the alleged victim to have another person present, if requested by the alleged victim; and

• interviews the alleged victim again at a later time as necessary to resolve discrepancies.

When another person is present during the interview, the APS worker documents whether the alleged victim requested that the person be present and the person’s relationship to the alleged victim.

The APS specialist monitors the alleged victim during the interview to see if the alleged victim appears to be hesitant, withdrawn, or nervous while participating in the interview. Such cues may be indications that the alleged victim is not comfortable speaking openly in the presence of the other person.


  1. Includes victims who were also perpetrators (findings of self-neglect.)
  1. Victims have been unduplicated by investigation stage.
  1. Some investigations were completed without region or county location information being recorded. These investigations are included in the relevant annual total, with "None Specified" as their Region and County values.


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Confirmed Victim?validated_victimvalidated_victimText
  • aps_34_investigations_victims_by_county_fy20122021
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